The a2 Milk™ difference

The a2 Milk™ brand is much more than just a difference between A1 and A2 protein types.
Our brand stands for a series of wonderful qualities from where we source our milk, the extra special care we take from cow to consumer, and how we educate and engage with our consumers.
That’s why there is only one a2 Milk™ from The a2 Milk Company.

The A2 protein difference

Conventional cows’ milk contains two main types of beta casein protein, A2 protein and A1 protein – our branded milk is different from conventional cows’ milk because it comes from cows selected to naturally produce only the A2 protein type and no A1.

Our milk is comparable to conventional cows’ milk in other respects.

Our branded milk is naturally occurring and not a product of genetic engineering or technological processes.

Many consumers and healthcare professionals report that some people who experience digestive issues drinking conventional cows’ milk may experience benefits when they switch to a2 Milk™.

How we began

The a2 Milk Company was founded in New Zealand in 2000 by scientist Dr Corrie McLachlan and his business partner Howard Paterson on the knowledge that not all milk is the same.

Since then we have worked alongside scientists from around the world to pioneer the scientific understanding of unique benefits of the A2 protein type.

To this day our purpose remains the same, to enrich people’s lives through the wonder of nature – through the naturally occurring a2 Milk™ difference.

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a2 Milk™ is a brand of A1 protein-free milk from The a2 Milk Company Limited

*A1 and A2 proteins refer to A1 and A2 beta-casein protein types