Supporting our communities

Focus area

The Company recognises that it has a responsibility to support and contribute to the communities in which it operates. a2MC strives to make a difference by helping communities thrive, supporting organisations who are helping to create a brighter future for children and families, as well as the Company’s farming communities.

In FY21 we supported the community in the following ways:


The a2 Milk Company has supported Foodbank with fresh milk product donations in New South Wales and Victoria since 2015, scaling up support in times of heightened need. 

In FY21 a2MC formalised the partnership, becoming a Foodbank National Donor Partner. In FY21 a2MC product donations totalled 240,219 kgs, which is the equivalent of 432,830 meals distributed to people in need. 

In FY22 a2MC will be increasing its support with Foodbank in a more proactive way, with sponsorship of their School Breakfast Programme. This is a new partnership and aims to assist indigenous school children to have greater access to breakfast. Foodbank Rumbling Tummies Report 2018 found that 1 in 5 Australian children experience food insecurity, and that children’s concentration levels, engagement in class activities and school performance improved as a result of receiving food assistance. 

The a2MC team are all very proud of the partnership with Foodbank and its alignment with the Company’s values.

Cure Kids

Cure Kids is the largest funder of child health research outside the New Zealand government.

The a2 Milk Company is proud to have supported Cure Kids Professorial Chair, Andrew Day, over the past two years to research digestive health for children, with a special focus on coeliac disease and irritable bowel disease. In FY21, a2MC also made a significant donation to Cure Kids’ Elliott-Caughey 50th Anniversary Fund. The funding will contribute to a multifactorial research consortium effort into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart Disease in NZ children. This is a continuation of research support from a2MC into children’s health and nutrition.

Next steps

In FY22 in China, a2MC will be helping parents and children to thrive. The Company will be supporting school children with nutrition stations and product donations – ensuring they have good nutrition to help drive better educational outcomes in rural communities.
For families, a2MC will be working with nutritionists to develop customised health care plans and donating milk powder products. This will help provide education and support to parents in rural communities and urban impoverished communities. 

United States
Aligned with helping children thrive, in early FY22, the USA team is partnering with Feed the Children to send children back to school with confidence.
The Company is donating 10% of every carton sold between 9 August and 2 September 2021 up to $100,000, to providing food and supplies to school children, giving children what they need to do and be their best.

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